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Sentinel Police Mobility Vehicle
We are an eco-vehicle company designing and building revolutionary, electric-powered, land vehicles and personal watercraft. Our products in development include extreme sports vehicles such as JetBoards, jet skis, ATVs, and snowmobiles as well as everyday products such motorcycles, light trucks, police mobility vehicles, motor scooters, and golf cars.

Our leading consumer vehicle is the X Rider; the most advanced Green Urban Commuter. The X Rider can travel at speeds approaching 65 miles per hour with a range up to 100 miles. With just over 2 hours required for recharging, the X Rider is a perfect alternative for commuting to the office and travelling around town.

Did you know that electric vehicles have 90% fewer parts than gas-powered cars? Yes, it's true. Electric vehicles, like the X Rider, are the most efficient motorized vehicles in the world including any italian made foriegn car. They use 3-4 times less energy than hydrogen fuel cells.

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September 02, 2009
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